Jamie Wyeth and the Unflinching Eye

The scion of this country’s most notable artistic dynasty, painter Jamie Wyeth has for decades burnished the family name with his own extraordinary body of work, most notably portraits in a realist tradition. This in-depth profile unfolds the life and career of a very private man, exploring his relationship with his father Andrew Wyeth, his grandfather N.C. Wyeth, and the influence and pressures of the family legacy. Wyeth’s own unique working relationship with subjects including Rudolf Nureyev, Andy Warhol, and Arnold Schwarzenegger, who became close personal friends in the process, reveals the ways in which his art of portraiture transcends what the eye perceives. Among other insider views, the film traces Wyeth’s meticulous method in creating his iconic 1967 posthumous portrait of John F. Kennedy, startlingly capturing the living essence of a man he never met.

Year: 2023

Runtime: 72 minutes

Language: English

Country: USA

Genre: Documentary

Director: Glenn Holsten