Marguerite’s Theorem

A female mathematician defending her PhD thesis to a room packed with male colleagues is humiliatingly caught in a mistake that reduces her complex theory to zero.  The brilliant protégé of a famous professor, Marguerite (Rumpf) is utterly shattered by her failure. Abandoning career, research and degree for a menial job in another city, she is baffled by the emotional intricacies of life outside the cocoon of academia. While earning a living as a gambler in Chinatown Mahjong games, she becomes newly obsessed with tackling a notoriously unsolved mathematical problem. Reaching out to a male rival she finds a wary partner in the quest, but will the driving forces of ambition and obsession forever preclude intimacy for a woman in a man’s world? World premiere, 2023 Cannes International Film Festival. In French and English with English subtitles.

“Rare for a film to feel this familiar, yet refreshing…a testament to Novion’s creative instincts as a filmmaker.”–Wilson Kwong, Film Inquiry

Year: 2023

Runtime: 112 minutes

Language: French and English with English subtitles

Country: France/Switzerland

Genre: Drama/romance,feminism, woman directed

Director: Anna Novion

Cast: Ella Rumpf, Jean-Pierre Darroussin