Victims of Sin

Ripe for rediscovery, this astoundingly erotic film noir musical from the golden age of Mexican cinema returns in all its restored glory, one of the masterworks of director Fernández (FLOR SILVESTRE, MARIA CANDELARIA) and his acclaimed cinematographer Gabriel Figueroa. Prostitutes, pimps, and nightclub denizens populate a demi-world where Violeta (Sevilla), Cabaret Changó’s fiery star dancer in the passionate Afro-Caribbean tradition brings the house down nightly. When Violeta rescues the newborn abandoned by another dancer, the pimp who fathered the child swears vengeance.

VICTIMS OF SIN was fully restored in 4K from the original 35mm nitrate camera negative by Peter Conheim (Cinema Preservation Alliance/USA) and Viviana Garcia-Besné (Permanencia Voluntaria/Mexico), with further assistance from IMCINE and the Academy Film Archive.  In Spanish with English subtitles.

“Cuban-born star Ninón Sevilla blows everyone else off the screen…when Sevilla takes to the floor to dance, it’s one of the most electrifying sights any musical has to offer.”–Farran Smith Nehme, Village Voice

Year: 1951

Runtime: 84 minutes

Language: Spanish with English subtitles

Country: Mexico

Director: Emilio Fernández

Cast: Ninón Sevilla